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Thursday, May 1, 2014

this is important

sad news from the literary world.  Crad Kilodney, absurdist street poet and grumpy person of long standing has died in Toronto.
It was great fun in the '80's to run into Crad selling his books on the sidewalk, usually with an enigmatic sign around his neck- my favourite  said "POTTERY"- and I was able to purchase many of my favourites: Sex Slaves of the Astro-Mutants, Bang Heads Here Suffering Bastards, and "gainfully employed in limbo". Crad predicted in his 1973 book, "World Under Anaesthesia" that his death would be in Hungry Horse, Montana in 2025. He didn't make it.

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Stuart Ross said...

Crad was, apparently, a pretty different guy by the time he left this earth. A more gentle soul … and spiritual, believe it or not. I was the one who wore the sign reading "Pottery," by the way.