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Friday, September 13, 2013

stamping press for sale

 Time to let my great big stamping press back out into the world.   It saw service for many years in the passport office in Ottawa -your Grannie's passport was probably made with this beast back when they were setting up type by hand and passports were little hardbound books.  It was retired nearly 30 years ago and I was able to acquire it before the scrap heap claimed it. We have used it here for the last 20 odd years for  magnesium stamping dies  up to 11''x11''.  It has a working temperature control, and 3 chases including a 5" self-centring one for titling.  Hand operated with a very powerful lever and cam which lift the bed up to the upper platen.
Comes with a type chest containing 11 drawers of brass and lead type along with an assortment of dingbats.  Useful for hot stamping book covers and/or any other kind of pressing operation where a lot of pressure is needed.  Think of the atmosphere it will provide!                $500 or best offer

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