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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Evidently I only post once a year. I'm trying to get better about that...we'll see if that happens. Anyways, here are some highlights of my work from the past year: 

15 Days
15 Days
Guest Book,  Divilabit Farm
Black List
Griffin Prize, Take 1

Griffin Prize, Take 2

Illustrations for Macbeth Binding, Take 1
Illustrations for Macbeth Binding, Take 2

Illustrations for Macbeth, "Double double toil & trouble"

Illustrations for Macbeth, Title Page

Illustrations for Macbeth, "This blasted heath"

Illustrations for Macbeth, "The night has been unruly"

Illustrations for Macbeth, "The raven himself is hoarse"

Illustrations for Macbeth, "Is this a dagger which I see before me"

Illustrations for Macbeth, "Hail, King of Scotland!"

Paste Paper 1

Paste Paper 2

Paste Paper 3

Paste Paper 4

Paste Paper 5

Paste Paper 6

Paste Paper 7

Paste Paper 8

Randall Box

Sting Ray Skin Covered Box

Scroll Case and Scroll

Box from "Bookbinding Sampler" course at MISSA, Victoria, BC

Japanese Bindings,  MISSA

Victoria College Guest Book

The Wind in the Willows 

My friend Will Rueter's Aliquando Press had its 50 Year Anniversary at Massey College Library.
I helped to set up the display. Take 1.

Aliquando Press display, Take 2

Thanks for looking.

PS, I have a Facebook Page for my business. Follow the link, if you're interested:

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